About us

Our claim is simple:
Only the best quality is good enough!

As producers we are sure that thanks to our 25 years of experience in the kitchen business, we have created a product that will revolutionize the way of cooking. The kitchen is becoming more and more the centre of social gatherings and the number of open kitchens in households is constantly increasing. However, open kitchens also bring some problems. During cooking and frying, vapours and odours spread quickly in the surrounding rooms and this is exactly the problem we have solved with our innovative cooking systems.

The special lid construction causes that the escaping steam is concentrated at a single point and can therefore be easily extracted by all wall, ceiling or downdraft extractors. Our system enables cooking and frying of any kind of dishes with a closed lid and not only avoids the distribution of odours and fats, but also ensures considerable energy savings. Behind this concept is an experienced, competent and dynamic team that is always striving for further innovations to improve your cooking experience. In doing so, we always act at eye level with our customers and ensure individual advice.